Stakelogic is an innovative software company designed to provide the highest quality online casino games possible. The online gambling industry is a competitive one and Stakelogic beats out all other casino software companies. The Slots 360 technology used to create the company’s games makes them far superior to other casino games.


The algorithms used to create the company’s games are one of the main reasons that players enjoy these games the most. Each game the company created was designed to appeal to players all over the world. The Stake Logic team works hard to bring players games that they will enjoy every single time. In addition to creating visually impressive and exciting games for online casinos the company has also taken the time and the effort to create casino games that players can access on virtually any mobile device. This allows the company to provide casino gaming entertainment to people on the go as well as people who want to play from the comfort of their own home.

Html5 Technology

Each game Stakelogic creates uses the latest HTML5 technology to bring players such a realistic entertainment experience that they feel like they are actually part of the game. Players will find that Stake Logic games have extremely impressive 3D graphics.
The large collection of games created by Stakelogic includes video slot machines such as Fata Morgana, Royal Fortune, King Bam Bam, Spartus, Random Runner, Dragon$ Adventure and more.

fatamorgana-stakelogicFata Morgana slot

Fata Morgana boasts an Egyptian theme, yet has an exotic feel to it at the same time. With a 3D background and Egyptian themed symbols this game will make players think they have traveled to Egypt. Several desert landscapes are included in the gameplay, adding to the realistic experience players can become immersed in. Further excitement results from the Fata Morgana bonus game, which is set in a classic Egyptian treasure room.

Royal Fortune slot

Royal Fortune is a hybrid of classic card games, wheel of fortune and video slot machines. The symbols used in the game are all symbols of royalty, which fits with the game’s theme.

King Bam Bam slotKing-BamBam

King Bam Bam is set in an ancient temple that a determined Monkey King protects fiercely. The reels resemble tribal artifacts and the ancient theme of the game is interesting and appealing to many players. The exciting bonus feature in the game is known as The Bet XXL, which rewards lucky players with extras that result in larger winnings.

Spartus Slot


Spartus is a game with a Spartan warrior theme. The landscapes players see in the game’s background contributes to the excitement of the game and its realistic feel. Various battle scenes are included in the game thrilling players who love to

watch a good battle.

Random Runner slot

Random Runner is a classic fruit machine game that is often an old favorite among players throughout the world. Two games run simultaneously, putting a new twist on an old pastime.

Dragon$ Adventue

Dragon$ Adventure is a mystical game filled with dragons, treasure and exciting rewards for countless players to enjoy.