Beginner’s Guide to Gambling – Introduction
The world of online gambling is for many people a world of opportunities to win big amounts of money, or a world of entertainment where you can wind down playing your favourite game. For most people both factors are a reason why they start to play in online casinos. And why wouldn’t you? There are thousands of people each day who earn a small fortune while gambling at online casinos. Once a while a lucky person even goes home with a multi-million euro jackpot on a slot machine after waging just a single dollar or so. And for millions across the globe, the sheer excitement and tension while playing games such as blackjack, roulette or poker is unparalleled as it gives them the perfect opportunity to escape their daily life.

For many people, online gambling is however still a slightly mysterious, unknown world. Especially for first-timers who have never gambled before at online casinos it might seem like a bit too much to comprehend. There are so many online casinos, which one is best to register? You might have seen a lot of talk about casino bonuses in which you can get free money to play with if you register or deposit your first amount. Is that true? Yes, absolutely! But we understand that the terms and conditions surrounding such bonus offers might seem incomprehensible for beginning gamblers. The same counts for those who might know a game of chance or two, but are interested in trying to learn new games. Where to start? Well, we hope that this beginner’s guide will give an answer to all your question and helps you step by step to start your online gambling career.

What are the reasons to gamble online?
For those who are not yet convinced about the great possibilities that can be found at online casinos it is worth to shortly go into this topic a bit more. If you think that gambling online is exactly the same as in a land-based casino you might find in Las Vegas or your own city, then you are both right and mistaken at the same time. Yes, the same games you will find in the casinos of Monaco or Vegas can be found as well at online casinos. The assortment of games and tables with different limits is often even greater online as unlike land-based casinos their online counterparts do not have physical restrictions of space in their building. While most online casino games are entirely virtual, there is nowadays also the possibility of live casino games where you can play through a live video feed at a real table led by a real croupier of dealer, making it almost like you are standing inside a casino despite playing through an online feed.

The differences between land-based casinos and online casinos – and the two factors which makes gambling online much more worthwhile than in any land-based casino – are convenience and bonuses.

You can win big when gambling online, for example when playing one of the machine amazing slot machines.

Convenience of online gambling
This advantage of online casinos is quite straightforward. Unless you have a casino in your backyard, you would probably have to drive or commute to your nearest casino in the country in which you live. For some it might be 20 minutes away, while for others this can be hours away. Simply put: we don’t always have the time, energy or money to undertake such a trip. Here is where online casinos come in handy. You can still enjoy your favourite games, you can still win big, but this time it is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week wherever you are. While some top-end casinos might have strict dress codes, there is no need to grab your suit for a little gamble at an online casino. You can access it in your pyjamas from bed, with your laptop on your dining table, or while seated in public transport using your mobile phone on your daily commute to work. The online casino is always there when you want to play, all you need is an internet connection and your computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone!

Another advantage connected to this is anonymity. While casinos are of course public places, you can remain fully anonymous when you gamble online. Sure, you still need to register and give valid registration details, there is no way around that. But if you are a person who dislikes crowds, or who due to personal reasons might feel uncomfortable being potentially spotted in a land-based casino, then the online casino is the solution you have always sought.

For many players, the biggest advantage of them all can however be found in the dozens of bonuses which online casinos hand out. These bonuses are both given to new players upon completing their registration or depositing the first amount to their online casino accounts, as well as to regular customers returning each day or week to the same online casino to wage a bet. Such bonuses you will not get when visiting land-based casinos! And the amounts can be quite big too. Some casinos can offer bonuses of up to 400% on the first amount you deposit. For example, if you deposit 100 EUR of your own money to an online casino to play with, you will receive 400 EUR on top of it to play with! Many casinos also throw in free spins on slot machines to their customers.

Are these bonuses legit?
Yes, they are. As long as you play at a fully licensed casino then you can have total trust not only in these bonus offers, but also in the fairness of games and your chances of winning as these casinos are subject to regulatory oversight. There are thousands of gamblers who play at multiple online casinos instead of focussing on just a single one as this way they can rake in big amounts in bonus money – and nothing is stopping you from doing the same. Online casinos are able to offer these bonuses from their profits (this due to rule number one which you should never forget: the house will always win more on average than the gamblers) and it is only logical that they give some of it back to their customers, both to entice new players to sign up at the casino as well as to show their gratitude to loyal players who are returning visitors to the casino.

Just like all other casinos, also Netbet offers bonuses, such as a 100% deposit bonus of up to 200 euro and a couple of free spins in this example.

How do these bonuses work?
Bonuses are however always subject to terms and conditions, which we can only advice you to carefully read before you begin your online gambling adventure to ensure you have set your expectations straight and know what the regulations are. Most bonuses – both the free spin bonuses as well as deposit bonuses offered when you transfer an amount of money into your online casino account – come with something called ‘minimum wage requirements’. This basically means that if a casino offers you 200 EUR for free, that you cannot instantly cash this amount. If that would be the case everyone in the world would sign to receive instant free money!

These bonuses are only fully unlocked after you completed those wage requirements, which means that you must have bet the bonus amount a certain amount in any of the online casino games before you will be given the option to withdraw it. If the minimum wage requirement is for example 4x, it means that in our example of a 200 EUR bonus you need to wage a total amount of 800 EUR at online casino games before you can withdraw the bonus money and pocket it.

Online gambling for every budget
The nice aspect about online gambling is that everyone can partake whatever your budget is. If you might have a job earning a minimum wage you should not despair, as each casino has plenty of tables where you can bet small amounts at each time, such a 0.50 EUR/GBP/USD bets at roulette, blackjack or slots. This way you will not have lost a huge amount of money if you play for two hours at an online casino and might hit some bits of bad luck, but you still have the chance to win huge prizes.

The same counts for those who have so much money to spend that they do not care too much about a thousand euro more or less. Each casino has slots and table games for the so-called high rollers where you can enjoy high stakes gambling with wagers of up to ten thousand of euro and potential earnings running in the tens to hundreds of thousands. The sky is the limit!

Do note our general disclaimer when it comes to gambling: make a daily, weekly or monthly budget detailing how much you are prepared to lose in the worst case scenario if luck is not on your side, and stay firm to this. If it is not your day, try again the next time. This way gambling will always remain a nice hobby and something fun to do – and perhaps even one day luck will be on your side in winning that big jackpot! If you feel you are spending too much and cannot control your gambling habits we do highly advice you to seek professional help.

Where can I gamble online?
Some players might like to play roulette, while others might be a fan of card games like poker or blackjack. The magic of slot machines is probably something that attracts us all and which even the most hardened card player might prefer once a while. Whatever your gaming preference is, you can be sure to find your favourite game at most online casinos. Slots and table games are a common feature in every online casino, although many do offer less common games as well such as bingo.

There are some online casinos who even offer such gambling options as sports betting and scratch cards. Others have a special focus on organising tournaments between gamblers if you might be a bit bored playing against the house. They might for example organise Texas Hold’em poker tournaments or blackjack tournaments where in a certain amount of time you need to try to reach the highest score among all participants. These are all fun and innovative ways to diversify the gaming offers, making sure that you will not easily be bored.

Many casinos offer a variety of poker games as well, such as Texas Hold’em, 5-card stud, video poker and many other games.

So which casino should I choose to play?
Well, that is not an easy question to answer as this hugely depend on your needs. While there are a few dozen casinos which have great reputations, which offer amazing bonuses and have an amazing array of games, not every such casino might be suitable for you even though these might all be considered as trustworthy and fun places to gamble. The point is of course that we as persons are all different in our wishes and needs. Some of us might prefer to play blackjack, others might want to play on video slots. Some of us are looking for tables where the minimum bets are low because they do not have a big budget, while others might be out looking for tables with a huge maximum bet allowance because they have the money and want to bet big. What is a great casino for you, might not necessarily be a great casino for your neighbour.

This is why we have created two different pages which will help you to select the online casino which is the best fit for you. We advice you first to read on in this beginner’s guide to gambling until you have understood every single aspect of online gaming. The next step would be to check out our online casino reviews where you can instantly read and see what the positive and negative sides are for each casino. We solely review trustworthy casinos here which are fully licensed – but some of them are for example more suitable for those looking for some action on slot machines, while others might be more suitable for high rollers who prefer to play table games like craps or blackjack. Selecting a casino is super easy – but at the same time can be difficult as well if you want to do it immediately right!

How to register with online casinos
The good thing is that signing up with online casinos is free – and that you can sign up with as many as you like if you wish to try out multiple casinos in order to see what the best environment is for you to play. This way you can even get multiple bonus deals which are offered by online casinos!

There are however some aspects which you do need to take into account when signing up at an online casino to create an account – which we will detail in our following chapter.