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Beginner’s Guide to Casino Payments

You have found the right online casino to play at, you have registered for an online casino account, and now you of course want to play your favourite casino game in the hope of winning big. Of course, before you will be able to put down some wagers on the roulette table or to bet a stack of casino chips on a hand of blackjack you first need to deposit some money to your online casino account. Any bet that you will make at an online casino will be automatically deducted from your bankroll on your online casino account. Whenever you deplete the money on your account, you will have to top it up again. Think of it as the online version of buying casino tokens or chips at a land-based casino!

How much should I deposit?

It is entirely up to you as a gambler how much you decide to deposit to your online casino account. If you have a tight budget or do not want to put too much money on your casino account because you want to experience the online casino first a bit before doing any serious betting, you can just deposit a small amount. Most online casinos have a minimum deposit limit which often hovers around the 10 or 20 EUR/USD/GBP mark. Of course, if you are a high roller or already know you will play online over a longer period of time, you can deposit a larger amount. Most online casinos have a maximum deposit limit – and this can vary wildly between different casinos. If you want to deposit 20,000 EUR but a casino has for example a maximum deposit limit of 10,000 EUR it means that you need to make two separate payment transactions of 10,000 EUR each if you want to get the full amount on your online account.

Do not forget to check out any bonus offers! Most casinos have a welcome bonus – also known as a first deposit bonus. It means that the casino will give you a free bonus as a percentage of the first amount which you transfer to your online casino account. If for example a casino has a first deposit bonus of 200 percent up to a maximum of 400 euro, you would need to deposit 200 euro to your online casino account in order to secure the maximum 400 euro bonus. Of course you can deposit less if you want, but in that case the bonus you will receive will not be the maximum amount. Depositing more than 400 euro in our example is also possible, although any amount above the 400 euro will not be subject of the bonus offer as you will already have reached the maximum. Check our beginner’s guide to casino bonuses for all you need to know about this topic!

Multiple ways to deposit

Most online casinos offer multiple methods to deposit money to your online casino account. The most common methods are:

– Debit or credit card
– E-wallet
– Bank transfer
– Prepaid cards
– Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
– National payment methods

As we wrote before in our chapter about selecting an online casino and registering your online account, it is of vital importance to check the payment options of an online casino beforehand. While credit cards, e-wallets are accepted at virtually every online casino, there are some casinos out there which do not accept bank transfers to deposit money, although the great majority does accept them. If you want to use a more fringe payment method limited to a certain country, such as So fort in Germany or iDeal in the Netherlands, we strongly advise you to check beforehand whether or not an online casino accepts these. If you have the opportunity to choose, the best payment methods in terms of transaction speeds and ease of use are by far credit cards and e-wallets. If you do not have them it pays off to get one.

Credit cards

Most people have a credit card these days and it is one of the easiest ways to deposit money to an online casino. The most common and widely accepted cards are Visa and MasterCard, closely followed by American Express. While virtually every online casino accepts Visa and MasterCard, you should check whether or not the same counts for American Express. Most online casinos accept them, although there are a few notable exceptions.

credit card

Paying with a credit card is one of the easiest ways to get money on your online casino account.

Depositing money to your online casino account works basically the same as making any other kind of online payment. You fill out your name as written on the card, credit card number, expiry date, as well as the last three digits on the back of your card. You also select or write down the amount which you want to deposit to your online casino account. Depending on your bank or credit card provider there might be an additional security question before your payment will be processed. These transactions will often be processed instantly and the money will be readily available from you online casino account. You can immediately start playing your favourite casino game!

Debit cards

Many debit cards (most notably those issued by MasterCard or Visa, such as the Visa Classic or Visa Electron) can also be used to make online casino payments in the same way as a credit card. The only difference is that the money is directly withdrawn from your bank account and not from your ‘credit’ which you have to pay back later. The transaction works pretty much the same however as you need to fill out your name, card number, expiry date and three digit code on the back of your card. Just like credit cards, the amount which you selected will be instantly available on your online casino account, so you can start playing right away.


If you are a beginning casino player you might not yet realise this, but most online casino experts use e-wallets when it comes to casino payments. Although the advantages of an e-wallet can primarily be found when it comes to cashing out casino winnings, it is also a handy tool to make casino payments. The e-wallet, short for electronic wallet, is exactly what it says it is: a virtual internet wallet in which you can collect money from your bank account or credit cards and use it to pay online. Money which you receive back in your e-wallet (for example your casino winnings!) can in turn also be easily deposited back to one of your bank accounts or on a credit card. Many e-wallets also come with a free bank card, allowing you to withdraw money from your virtual account at ATMs. The advantages are clear: of all payment methods e-wallets often have the lowest transaction costs and highest speeds while offering the highest amount of privacy.

There are a lot of different e-wallet providers, and with most you can open such an e-wallet for free. Neteller and Skrill (which was previously known as Moneybookers) are the two which are most widely used. These two are almost universally accepted among online casinos. Ukash, Click and Buy, PaySafe and Paypal are other e-wallets, although they may or may not be accepted by online casinos as valid payment method, so check in advance.

Opening an e-wallet

You can open most e-wallets for free online. When you set up your e-wallet account you do however need to connect it with a current account already owned by you by providing at least a credit card number or bank account. After your e-wallet is fully set up you can deposit money into it, either by making a transaction from your bank account to your e-wallet (which will have its own account number) or my making a card payment. You can then use your e-wallet to make a transaction to an online casino. This might sound more cumbersome than making a direct payment by credit card to an online casino – but again, the advantage of an e-wallet can be found with cashing out your casino profits and not yet necessarily with making a payment.

All e-wallet transactions are safe and secured as they are transmitted by a secure and encrypted connection. Just make sure that you keep your login details such as account number and password safe!

Prepaid cards

If you do not have a credit card and your debit card is not accepted at an online casino there is another option which you can consider. Even though we would still strongly suggest you to open an e-wallet, you can also opt to buy a prepaid card. The prepaid card works similarly as a debit card, such as a Visa electron or Visa classic, which we described above. The only difference is that such a prepaid card is not linked to your bank account but is already charged with a certain amount of money on your card. For example, you can buy a prepaid card with 1,000 EUR credit on it. Many of such prepaid cards can be recharged as well when you have used all the money on it.

Before you consider this option it is wise to check first which prepaid cards are accepted by the casino you have selected. If in doubt you can always contact the help desk of the casino. Often, prepaid cards will have a Visa or MasterCard logo, meaning that they will be almost universally accepted. One of the better known prepaid card providers is Paysafe, which is a quite popular option among gamblers and is accepted by most online casinos. You can buy such a card online or in shops in the same way as you would buy credits for a prepaid mobile phone. Another example of a prepaid card system is Ukash.

Bank transfer

On paper a bank transfer might sound like the easiest option to make a payment to an online casino. We all make bank transfers on a weekly or daily basis and nowadays can easily do this through internet banking. While it might be the easiest option, it is not necessarily the most recommended method when it comes to making casino payments. Even though depositing money to an online casino this way is as easy as paying an utilities bill, it is unfortunately among the slower methods. Especially if the online question is located in a country different than the one in which your bank is based it can easily take a couple of days before the money is received by the casino. It is not even uncommon for such a transfer to take longer than a week. Compared to the instant payments by credit card, debit card or e-wallet that is a long time.

There are however some reasons why gamblers might still opt for a bank transfer. The biggest reason is that by using a bank transfer you can transfer much bigger amounts of money in one go compared to the use of a credit card. Often, online casinos have maximum limits in place for credit card or e-wallet transactions. In many cases players might have their own maximum limits to their credit card, which for example might be capped at a 2,000 EUR limit. If you are a high roller and might for example want to deposit 10,000 EUR to your online casino account, a bank transfer might in this case make more sense. Of course, you can also deposit money by bank transfer on your credit card or e-wallet, and then make a transaction to the online casino from there. In many cases this will be a quicker option.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Online casinos are rapidly modernising in all sorts of ways – and this includes the payment front. Some casinos offer you the opportunity to put money on your online casino account by paying in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The conversion rates are automatically calculated and the equivalent in USD/EUR/GBP will be deposited on your online account. There are also online casinos where you can directly gamble using Bitcoins. This is possible at special ‘Bitcoin games’ where you can wage an amount in cryptocurrencies, with also your winnings being calculated in the cryptocurrency of your choice. This has the advantage over a normal Bitcoin payment as there is no money or time lost by conversing Bitcoin into another currency.

Using cryptocurrencies might be advantageous for those who might already have a stack of Bitcoin or other currencies. It is not something which we would recommend at all for those who have never dealt with Bitcoin before. In this case, an advantage might be the quick payment speeds and low transaction costs in comparison to other payment methods. The privacy of cryptocurrency transactions might be another benefit to some players.

National payment methods

While payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets are used around the globe and are available to players irrespective where they reside, there are a couple of payment methods which can only be found in a certain country. For example, the Dutch have their iDeal, the Germans have Sofort as fast online payment system, in Belgium a method named Bankcontact/Mr. Cash is used, ToditoPay is a system which is popular in the Latin American world. Almost every country in the world will have a payment method which is not found anywhere else!

Although not every online casino caters to the entire world, there are an increasing number of casinos where such rare payment methods are offered. If you do not have a credit card or e-wallet, and might face high transaction costs or a long time waiting when using a bank transfer, then you should check whether or not there are reputable online casinos out there offering alternative payment methods. As a rule of thumb: if a casino offers a language option for your country, you might find that they also accept unique payment methods from your country. Check our casino reviews whether or not this might be the case!

Transaction safety

No matter which payment method you use to make a casino payment, is is important to ensure that it is done safely and that your payment data remain secure. This is both a responsibility of the online casino, as well as your own. To begin with, we only recommend you to play at trustworthy casinos such as the ones recommended by us in our review section. Always play at an online casino using software of renowned game developers and ensure that the casino you play at is fully licensed by governmental regulatory bodies. Nowadays, most online casinos are based on Malta, the United Kingdom, the United States or one of the Caribbean islands such as Curaçao. These places have in common that casinos are strictly regulated and are subject to frequent audits to ensure a safe environment and fair casino games. Make sure that when you are at a transaction page of an online casino that the website connection shows as being secured and encrypted. This means that the URL should show https:// instead of just http:// and that there is an additional security certificate showing here (often visible by a small icon of a lock).

Of course, safety is also a responsibility of the player. Always make sure that you make transactions on a secured (password protected) internet connection, preferably your home network or mobile internet. Don’t make payment transactions on unprotected, public networks as hackers could have easy access to your data. Always make sure you use the latest version of your internet browser and that you have installed the latest updates of your operating system. Never use the same password more than once and make sure that your computer is not infected by viruses or spyware.

Transaction costs

It can be the case that transaction costs are charged when you deposit money to your online casino account. This depends on three factors: payment method, your bank or card provider, as well as the online casino in question. Let’s say first that by far the great majority of online casinos don’t charge any transaction costs for deposits. If they do, it is a very minor amount which will be capped at just 1 or 2 EUR or the equivalent in USD or GBP. Of course, it can be the case that your own bank might charge you money for a transaction. This can be the case if you would transfer money to the account of an online casino, especially so when your own account is located in a different monetary zone.

dollar bills

Make sure you do not spend too many dollars on transaction costs – but rather win them at an online casino!

For example, if you are a Russian player you might have free bank transfers to other Russian bank accounts using roubles, but your bank might charge a transaction if you need to make a transfer to the account of an online casino in Malta, which is in the euro zone. If in doubt, inquire with your bank what the costs might be. If a casino charges money for a certain transaction this will always be clearly shown on their payment page and not secretly added at a later point without your knowledge.

Exchange rate

This automatically brings is to the next point of any potential conversion costs. If you have a bank account or credit card in the US, UK or one of the euro zone countries this will not be a big deal for you as most casinos allow you to play in American dollars, British pounds and euros. But if you hail from a country which uses another currency besides those, chances are that a certain online casino might not support them inside the casino. This means that if you make a payment with your credit card or bank transfer, your provider or bank will automatically calculate the exchange rate from your currency to the one you selected at the online casino. Websites like give a good benchmark what the official rate would be, although note that these are official stock exchange rates – banks and credit cards always use a slightly different (a bit higher) rate.

Common problems when depositing money

Even though the great majority of players is able to deposit money to their online casino without facing any kind of problem, there are always some who will face issues. In such cases, the problem can almost always be traced back to the player himself, and not to the online casino. First of all, we would like to say that you should be patient when making a transaction. Sure, deposits by credit card, debit card or e-wallet should be nearly instant, but it can still take a few seconds or minutes before this is being reflected on your online casino account. Just refresh your casino dashboard (or log-out and try to log-in again) and you will see the money there being added to your casino bankroll. Note that in case of bank transfers it can take days or even more than a week before the casino will have received your money and will have updated your online account.

Sometimes the transaction might fail completely, although this is most likely due to a problem at the end of the player. Common issues are a faulty internet connection which times out at the moment of making a transaction as well as players going over their maximum card limit, in which cases a transaction will fail and not take place. Make sure you are making the transaction on a secure internet connection, that you have enough money on your bank account, or that your credit card limit is high enough. Also check whether or not you might have other imposed limits on your card or bank account. Another common mistake is players not realising that transactions to certain countries might be blocked as part of the standard settings of your bank. Some banks for example require you as a customer to change your settings to allow transfers to foreign countries. If problems are persisting, first contact your own bank or credit card provider, and only then the online casino in question.

Paying out your casino profits

After you managed to deposit money to your online casino account it is time to play your favourite casino game. Hopefully, you will manage to win a nice amount of money! Let’s assume that after depositing 500 euro to your account you managed to bring this up to 2,000 euro after two weeks of playing slots combined with a few hands blackjack. Of course, you might want to cash out your money and use it for something nice, like buying a round of drinks for your mates, taking your significant other out for dinner, or buying that expensive jacket which you long coveted. Just like when it comes to transferring money to your online casino account, there are some important factors which you should note before asking the casino to cash out your winnings.

Payout methods

The most important payment methods to deposit money to your online casino account are also available to request a cash-out of your casino profits. The only thing to note is that the list of available payment methods for cashing out your winnings is much shorter than the list of methods which you can use for making a deposit. Generally, a casino can pay out your profits by making a bank transfer to your account or depositing your profits on your credit card or into your e-wallet. Casinos cannot pay out your casino earnings on your debit card or use other methods. The sole exception might be a casino paying you out in a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, but in this case you should have made the deposit in the same currency or gambled on special ‘Bitcoin games’ at a casino which supports Bitcoin.

Credit card payout

If you have used a credit card to deposit money to your online casino account, you can request the casino to also pay out your profits back on your card. Most often, the data of your card will already be stored in the system – and you can easily request a payout. It is not always possible to ask for a payout on a different credit card than the one you used to deposit money – so check this carefully. Most casinos can directly process a payout request to your credit card, although in most cases it would still mean that you have to wait between two and four days before the money is available on your card. Of course, when the money is deposited on your card, you can either withdraw it from an ATM, ask your bank or credit card company to transfer it to your account, or simply use it for other purchases. What you do with your profits is solely your decision, and it is very straightforward to have access to your casino profits once it has been received on your card account.

It can happen that a casino asks you for verification of your card and identity once you have requested a payout on your credit card. This is most likely to happen when you request your first ever payout at a certain casino. In this case, you will be asked to provide a copy of your passport or other identity card, as well as sometimes a copy of the front and back page of your credit card. This is a normal request meant to verify your identity and to check if you are indeed the rightful owner of the card. If you send such documentation by email to the casino, we strongly advice you to cross out any private details using Paint or Photoshop (when doing it all digitally) or a black pen (if you make a scan the old-fashioned way). In case of a passport, you can erase for example your personal identity number. When it comes to a copy of your credit card, you should erase the middle eight digits of your card number from the image or scan. The casino only needs to see whether or not the credit card exists in real and check whether or not the first and last four digits and the name is a match.

Bank transfer

All casinos allow you to request a payout of your winnings by bank transfer. This has a major advantage and a major disadvantage. The biggest advantage is that it might be the best way to receive your money if you really happen to win big, think into the tens of thousands of euros or even more. This is because bank transfers often have much less restrictions than payouts to a credit card or e-wallet. On the other hand, you should take into account the biggest disadvantage which a bank transfer has: the payout speed is extremely low. It might take a few days for a casino to process a bank transfer payout request. And even when this finally has taken place it does not mean you will have received the money. At that point, the transfer is in the hands of the bank of the casino, after which it is wired to your own bank. Depending on the country in which the casino’s bank is based and whether or not different currencies are involved, it might easily take a week before you have received your money. It is not uncommon for players to wait three to four weeks before receiving their profits by bank transfer.

To request a cash-out by bank transfer, you need to provide the casino with your bank account number (most often as IBAN code) and any other details such as BIC or SWIFT code. Sometimes the casino also needs to know the physical address of your home bank. If you do not know any of these details, request them from your own bank. It can happen that a casino requests a copy of your internet banking dashboard or your latest bank statement to make sure that the account is really owned and accessible by you. If you make a screenshot or copy of this, you can of course edit out any private information you do not want to share with your bank, such as the amount of money you have in total on your account or the details of the latest transactions. Any casino would only be interested in seeing your name and bank account on such an internet banking screenshot or bank statement copy – and does not care about other details as to what that 16.99 EUR transaction was on your statement.

Using e-wallets for payout

As we have previously noted, e-wallet is one of the most popular payment tools among casino players for a good reason. It is easy to use, payments are processed extremely fast and it has added privacy benefits as well. You can request an online casino to pay out your winnings to your e-wallet. All you need is to know your e-wallet account number and login details. Payments to e-wallets are among the fastest in the business. In most cases you will have received your casino profits in three days maximum from the moment when you have requested the payout. In some cases, you might even receive your profits instantly on your account! It can be the case that the casino requests additional proof to verify your identity before the payout transaction can be processed. Besides a copy of your passport or identity card this is most often a screenshot of your e-wallet dashboard so the casino knows that you have full access to the account.

Besides the speed the main advantage of a payout to your e-wallet is that you can so easily decide what to do next with the money. If you have a debit card linked to your e-wallet (Neteller and Skrill provide such cards) you can also withdraw money directly from your e-wallet using an ATM. Of course, you can also use such a card to make payments online or in shops. In your e-wallet, you will also have the option to transfer the money to your bank account. Of course, you can also request the casino to directly pay out your casino profits to your bank account, but using an e-wallet as intermediate step has one major benefit. If paying out the money directly, your bank statement will show that the money came from an online casino. If you first request the casino to pay out the money to your e-wallet and only then transfer it to your bank account, it will only show on your statement that the money came from your e-wallet, obscuring the true origins. For those who want t keep their casino gambling private this can be a major advantage.

Payout limits

One important factor which you should take into account when requesting a payout are the minimum and maximum limits. Generally, casinos will not allow you to withdraw miniscule amounts as the transaction costs will be higher than the paid out amount. This is why most casinos have a minimum payout limit of 10 euro (or the equivalent in USD or GBP). A 20 euro/US dollar/British pound minimum limit is also quite common. If you are an infrequent player or someone who only plays small amounts, you should always play at a casino with the above limits. There are a handful of casinos with even higher minimum payout limits, but those are not recommended for small-time players and easy to avoid. All casinos recommended by us in our reviews have either a 10 or 20 euro minimum payout review.

payment methods

Payment and payout methods, as well as limits, are always clearly communicated by online casinos such as here on the website of NetBet.

Another common limit put in place by online casinos is how often you can request a payout. For example, a casino might limit payouts to once a week only. If you just might have withdrawn a big chunk of your casino profits, but suddenly the next day will win the jackpot, you might have to wait for six more days before you will be able to withdraw that amount. Check with the casino where you play at if they might have such a limit.

Maximum payout limit

All online casinos will also have a maximum payout limit. This can vary wildly between different casinos! If this is important to you – which is more likely the case for high rollers betting huge amounts than small-time players – we advise you to check in advance what the exact limit is at each casino. Simply put, a casino might limit cash-outs to a certain maximum daily or weekly amount. Let’s take the example of a casino where the daily payout limit is 10,000 EUR. If you are lucky enough to win 50,000 EUR while playing on a slot, you can immediately request the entire amount to be paid out. Even though the transaction might be instantly approved by the casino, you will not receive the 50,000 EUR instantly. Rather, the casino will process the maximum 10,000 EUR on the first day, followed by another 10,000 EUR on the second day, and so forth. On the fifth day, the last 10,000 EUR of your 50,000 prize will be processed.

In the end you will always receive your money as you have of course the full right to your winnings. Just in these cases it might take a while to receive all the money. This is why high rollers who bet big amounts prefer a casino with a high maximum limit above those with a restricted limit, as it means that they will receive their potential winnings much faster. The reason why casinos have maximum limits is to ensure a healthy bankroll for the house. This way, a casino would not suddenly run into a liquidity shortage as it will have extra time to make funds available if someone wins the grand jackpot.

Jackpot exceptions

If you were to win a really big amount of money – for example one of the progressive jackpots at a slot machine which runs into the multiple millions of dollars – it can be possible that normal payout rules do not apply. In such cases, the casino will contact you to discuss the payout options. In most cases, it will be agreed to either transfer the entire amount at once to your bank account, or to transfer it in a few terms.

Limit differences

You should always read the payout terms and conditions of the casino where you play at. Even if a casino might have general limits in time or amounts, they might still differ according to the requested payment method. Generally, the maximum payout limit will be a lot higher if you request a bank transfer compared to a payout on your credit card, which might be more suitable for smaller amounts up to a few thousand euros maximum. If you do not know what the limit is or are unsure what the best method for a cash-out is, you can always contact the casino’s help desk and discuss this with them. If you play at a reputable casino, the casino staff will be more than happy to help you to ensure that you remain a happy and loyal client.

Pending time

You can often track the progress of your payout on the dashboard of your online casino account. With most casinos, your payout will first enter the so-called ‘pending time’ after you filed your request. Pending time, also known as the pending period or the reverse withdrawal period, is the time between the casino having received your payout request and them actually processing it. Once the payment has been processed, it will show as such on your online casino dashboard. From that moment, the payout is in the hands of the bank of the casino and will soon be wired to your e-wallet, credit card provider or bank.

It differs from casino to casino how long the pending time will take. It can be as short as a few hours or as long as a few days in extreme cases. This can happen if the casino might request additional documents from you, such as a bank statement or copy of your passport to verify your identity. The standard duration of the pending time is often mentioned in the terms and conditions of the casino. As long as the payout request is still in pending time, you can always cancel the payout if you want to keep your money on your online casino account or rather want it to be paid out in a different way. This option is often shown under the name of ‘rollback’ or ‘reverse withdrawal’ on your online casino dashboard. If you click on this and proceed with it, your payout will be automatically put back on your online casino account’s bankroll.

Urgent payment

If you can’t wait to receive your winnings, you can sometimes request the casino to handle your payout request with extra urgency. Not all casinos provide this option, and the casinos which do have it might have different set of rules. Some casinos only give this option to their VIPs and high rollers, who might even automatically benefit from it. Other casinos offer it to every player for a certain fee which will be deducted from your profits. In this case, the pending time will be bypassed and your payment request will receive immediate priority over all other payments. Most often, the option to request an urgent payout is shown under the term ‘manual flushing’ on your online casino dashboard. It can however also be that such an option can only be ordered by contacting the help desk.

Do note that asking for an urgent payment does not necessarily mean that you will receive your money instantly. It really only means that it will be first in line for the casino to process. The payout request will still need to go through the banks before you will receive it in your e-wallet, on your bank account or on your credit card. This is a process on which you will have no influence. Once the payout has been dealt with by the casino, you can only wait until you have received your winnings.

Payout transaction costs

Some online casinos do charge transaction costs for each payout, although these are fortunately always limited to a tiny percentage up to a maximum of a few euro or dollars only. Other casinos might have a rule that one or two payouts per month are for free and any additional payout above it will cost you a tiny amount in transaction costs. Besides being dependent on the casino which you play at, it also matters which payout method you have requested. E-wallets are generally your best bet having on average the lowest transaction costs, followed by credit card payouts and bank transfers.

Casino payout restriction

Many casinos might have an additional rule regarding payouts that they must be done with the same method as the one you used to deposit money to your account, if of course applicable. This means for example that if you deposited money to your online casino account using a bank transfer it will not be possible in some cases to request the casino to pay out your profits to your e-wallet. In such a case the only available option will be asking for a payout on the same bank account.

Of course, this is just a rule of thumb. Many casinos do not have such a restriction – and those who have it can always make exceptions to the rule. It can however mean in such a case that you must pro-actively contact the casino help desk to request a payout and for them to manually verify it. A casino knows of course that this rule is not always applicable, for example in the case of a player who deposited money using an e-wallet, but who has since closed down his e-wallet account and prefers to have the money directly paid to his bank account. The reason why some casinos have this restriction is that it discourages money laundering by criminals who might want to pay a hug sum of money to an online casino account in one particular way, only to request it to be paid out again to a completely different account. This is why casinos are always vigilant as they have to comply with national laws and thus at times might request additional documents or proof to process a payment.

When things go wrong

Fortunately, the great majority of casino players never face any issues while playing online. They are able to deposit money without problems, and are able to cash out their winnings if they happen to hit the jackpot. Of course, it sometimes can happen that something goes wrong and that your hard earned money has not arrived back in your account or that the casino cannot process the payment. In most of such cases an error (either human or IT) is to blame – and contacting the casino can easily solve the situation.

Do not forget that it is in the casino’s best interest to keep players happy and loyal. A casino which cheats its players or a casino which does not help its most loyal of gamblers will soon face a PR disaster and a slump in visitor numbers. You will quickly find that contacting customer support, be it by email, live chat or telephone, will quickly solve the problem you might face. We always recommend you to call or use the live chat if you want a quick answer as usually your questions will be answered in minutes this way. However, email has the advantage that you are getting back written responses which can be valuable in case of problems. It is often the case with payment problems that a casino might switch to email to discuss the issue with you as at times additional documentation such as screenshots or bank statements might be required.


In the extremely rare case when a problem is not solved according to your satisfaction and a casino does not live up to its obligations, you can always file a complaint with the regulatory authorities. Your first resort is the national gaming authority as this is always the organisation which has direct power and influence over casinos. They have the power to issue fines or to even retract licences of online casinos, so your complaint will always be taken seriously. If the gaming authority sides with you, you have a strong case and an online casino will almost always act to solve a conflict in your favour. If this attempt to solve a conflict fails, you can always contact other organisations such as relevant branches of government, a national ombudsman, or even file a complaint with the police or prosecutors. We do have to say that this is all extremely, extremely rare – the only reason why we write this down is to give you the full picture what your rights are and what steps you should take if things go wrong. We always advice you to play at a reputable and fully licensed casino such as the ones we recommend in our review section to ensure that bad situations will not happen to you.